Creation of a sales network

Creation of a sales network

The creation of an effective sales network that brings together skilled salespeople requires constant commitment and a structured working methodology. However, this effort can lead to increased sales.

The creation of a sales network requires specific know-how that represents a significant competitive advantage. What needs to be done to create a talented sales team using an effective sales system? Well, let’s see…

A sales network cannot function properly if it is not properly organised and based on solid management foundations. A successful sales network is made up of qualified salespeople who are able to perform their tasks and is of great value to any company.

Recruiting and training sales network

Recruiting capable salespeople is not enough to achieve an increase in sales. A sales team should also be properly trained and managed, because the management system of a sales network can be as important as recruiting itself. Unfortunately, some companies consider training courses for salespeople as a cost, without considering them as a means of investment to create and motivate a sales force to be “winning”.

Too general sales courses, which are “good for everyone”, can be ineffective because each company is unique and the training of sales staff should be built taking into account some fundamental factors, such as: mission; brand positioning; target; product/service characteristics; more frequent purchase objections; etc.

Key processes for the creation of a sales network

The creation of a successful sales network requires the implementation of systems and tools necessary to search and select new sellers and also to plan and control the activities of the sales network itself.

The key processes that need to be structured to implement a sales network are basically two: process of search and selection of new sales figures; process of management of sales personnel. The latter process includes other sub-processes, such as: technical and commercial training; motivation; planning; organization and control of the sales network. For each of these critical activities it is necessary to adopt different strategies and techniques according to the specific company reality and the availability of economic resources.

1) Technical and commercial training. A salesman must know very well the products/services he proposes. Even if we have heard that a seller would know how to “sell ice to Eskimos”, in reality the best sellers we have observed in action have a great technical competence and this is one of the reasons that allows them to relate effectively. The commercial training that is given to a seller should be contained in a special sales manual and should document how the main stages of a commercial negotiation are dealt with. We have noticed that the training of salesmen guided by a very practical manual guarantees better results, provided that the training itself is of good quality.

2) Organisation. The organisational structure (roles and responsibilities) and the management model to be adopted for the governance of a group of salespeople must be chosen very carefully.

3) Planning and control. The planning of sales activities plays a decisive role in setting up a sales network. It is as important as the sale itself. The way in which each stage of the sales process, from the procurement of sales contacts to after-sales service, is managed must be established in advance. Sometimes a very specific stage of the sales process is critical enough to adversely affect the commercial results that can be achieved. The metrics used by different sales networks are inadequate to identify the main drivers that influence sales performance. This situation, unfortunately very common, is due to a too spasmodic attention to short-term sales.

4) Motivation. It is useless to describe its importance. However, it is worth pointing out that constant motivation cannot be achieved through participation in a short training course or can only depend on extraordinary events, such as, for example, year-end conventions. Ensuring that a sales network is truly motivated is possible, but this requires deep and structured analysis and intervention.

In the hope that we have given you some useful advice, we wish you good work!

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The recruitment of the Sales Manager

The recruitment of the Sales Manager

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