Business Profiles

Database of sales agents and salespeople

Over the years we have built up a database of sales agents, sellers and commercial profiles operating in different market sectors. It is not just a list of names, but real CVs that we receive through spontaneous applications and responses to research ads.

Why choose us?

We make ourselves available to our customers:

  • database of commercial agents and commercial profiles in the sector and with experience;
  • recruiters specialized in the selection of commercial agents and commercial profiles;
  • replacement of candidates in case of interruption of the agreed probationary period.

Tips for effective research:

The recruitment of the Sales Manager

The recruitment of the Sales Manager

The Sales Director has a role of great responsibility, whose main task is to ensure the achievement of the sales budgets planned and agreed with top management. He is a key figure in all companies, but he plays a decisive role in those organisations that are more market-oriented, i.e. that do not only focus on product quality to develop sales, but also on a series of well-defined sales policies and structured and consolidated marketing strategies.

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