Criteria to select the Export Manager profile

Criteria to select the Export Manager profile

An Export Manager is responsible for structuring sales and distribution networks in foreign markets and this role includes various skills:

a) marketing and analysis skills;

b) sales skills;

d) language skills;

e) relational and managerial skills.

Export Manager with marketing skills

An Export Manager is able to analyze the sales potential of a product or service by establishing the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of demand. He knows the basic principles of marketing, such as segmentation techniques, and is able to plan, structure and implement marketing campaigns that aim to increase demand. This is not just theoretical knowledge, but practical skills acquired “with sweat” in the field.

In the selection of an Export Manager it is necessary to identify profiles that have the skills described in the previous paragraph, otherwise anyone who tries in this role, without an in-depth knowledge of the marketing discipline, could run into considerable difficulties. In an interview to select such a figure, it is certainly necessary to deepen the candidate’s ability to develop concrete and feasible marketing and sales plans, developed on the basis of precise market analysis.

Export Manager with sales skills

Often an Export Manager is in charge of directly managing directional customers, i.e. customers of a certain importance and who generate a significant turnover. It is a profile with considerable sales skills, at least in the following areas: development of interpersonal relationships, networking, sales techniques and negotiation.

In some cases this figure also has the task of training the sales or distribution network on commercial issues and, if he is not prepared in sales in general and if he is not a good salesperson himself, he is unlikely to succeed in this area.

In the selection of Export Manager it is therefore necessary to identify profiles that in their past work have demonstrated in the field the ability to acquire important customers or manage difficult negotiations.

Export Manager with language skills

There is a system for classifying knowledge of foreign languages (European Framework of Reference for Languages). According to this document it is clear what should be the minimum level of knowledge required for those acting as Export Manager.

Usually the CV writer indicates the level of knowledge of a foreign language according to the European Framework of Reference, however, during the selection phase it is necessary to ascertain the actual knowledge (through written and dialogue tests). When selecting an Export Manager it is important to identify profiles who know more languages (at least English) in order not to preclude the possibility of using the same figure to approach more markets, even those that at this time seem uninteresting.

Export Manager with relational and managerial skills

The role of Export Manager includes the ability to manage and motivate sales and distribution networks, but not only. To build a commercial network operating abroad, you must be able to select, train, guide and motivate a multitude of sales agents, sellers, importers, distributors, etc.. In the absence of adequate professional skills and experience, this is a rather difficult task to perform.


The skills outlined above can be taken into account to establish which criteria to use to select an Export Manager, however in some cases it is essential to identify profiles with consolidated experience in specific market segments and who have acquired networks of structured relationships.

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