Search and selection of business profiles working abroad

Search and selection of business profiles working abroad

The search and selection of sales representatives, importers or distributors operating abroad is a fundamental step to strengthen its presence in international markets. The implementation of internationalization strategies requires, however, sometimes very expensive investments, just think of the economic resources needed to open commercial offices located in foreign countries or to participate in international fairs. There is a cheaper way to sell abroad, which consists in the search and selection of valid business partners, that is:

  • sales representatives working abroad;
  • importers;
  • distributors located abroad.

In today’s market environment, the path of internationalisation is also sustainable for SMEs that do not have significant economic resources. In fact, through the search and selection of sales agents, importers or distributors operating in foreign markets it is not complex to place their products and/or services in international markets. In this case, the support of a research and selection company can be useful to identify trading partners located in specific countries.

Selection of foreign sales agents, importers and distributors

When selecting sales agents, importers or distributors operating abroad, it is essential to find business partners who are suitable for their needs, who have adequate sales experience in specific market segments, who have the necessary technical expertise and, above all, who have an organic and structured customer portfolio and relationships.

It is the task of a recruitment company specialized in the search and selection of foreign trade agents, importers and distributors to deepen the sales experience of the selected subjects and to make their analysis known through “evaluation sheets”, which will serve to highlight the information collected.

Feasibility studies in internationalisation projects

Before embarking on an internationalization project, in several cases it is necessary to assess which foreign country represents the most suitable market to market certain products or services and it is therefore advisable to carry out feasibility studies to determine where it is more appropriate to focus your sales strategies.

How to choose the most suitable recruitment company for your needs

It is advisable to contact research and selection companies with consolidated experience in the search and selection of business profiles; in fact, those who do not have experience with the world of marketing and sales and with the dynamics of sellers, are unlikely to be able to search and select figures such as sales agents, importers or distributors.

It is also advisable to turn to research and selection companies in possession of a database of sales agents, distributors and importers already introduced in specific market sectors, because, for obvious reasons, the timeliness and quality of a recruitment project also depends on the pool of commercial subjects from which it is possible to select the profiles that will best meet one’s needs.


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