Search and selection of sales representatives in the food sector

Search and selection of sales representatives in the food sector

We are specialized in the search and selection of sales representatives operating in different market sectors. In fact, we have carried out recruitment projects related to sales agents introduced in various areas, including food, i.e. single or multi-firm sales representatives operating in the retail or on-trade sector.

In attempted sales, sales agents usually visit a number of daily customers and supply them directly. The sale is therefore geared to small retailers. In pre-sales, on the other hand, sales agents in the food sector regularly visit an assigned customer portfolio and collect orders for goods that will be processed at a later date.

There are many companies in the food sector and therefore it is not easy to find good sales representatives, especially if a lot of sales experience and an important customer portfolio are required.

The experience gained in the search and selection of business profiles has led us to understand how sellers operate in the food sector, what characteristics they have, how to evaluate their differences and peculiarities. Over the years we have also set up a database of sales representatives specialized in the food sector, which allows us to offer our customers a truly qualified search and selection service.

Selection of sales representatives in the food sector

Sales representatives operating in the food sector are characterised by their knowledge of specific product categories, the sales methods known and used, their ability to acquire new customers and develop the assigned customer portfolio and finally by the volumes of turnover generated.

Sales representatives operating in the food sector who have been able to acquire a fair number of customers over the years, or who have been able to develop an assigned customer portfolio in an important way, and who also generate significant and constant turnover could prove to be an excellent choice. This information is not included in a CV and therefore we usually provide our clients with a presentation form for each sales agent who has been interviewed, which highlights the factors mentioned above.

Request for quotes

In order to request a quotation for the selection of sales representatives working in the food sector, the research requirements must first be precisely defined. For this purpose it is advisable to read this article: “How to work with a recruiting company for the selection of commercial profiles”. A very precise request allows us to estimate the time needed to complete the search and selection assignment.

We remain available to formulate an estimate for the search and selection of commercial agents working in the food sector. Simply fill in the quote request form to receive more information.

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