Search of sales profiles

Search of sales profiles

Let’s find out together how to search for sales agents in an appropriate way.

When it comes to sales agents in Italy there is great confusion. Some people don’t know what they are talking about; others confuse sales agents with other job figures. Yet a sales agent is simply an entrepreneur duly registered in the Register of Companies and INPS and in possession of a work mandate from one or more companies. He or she is a sales promotion professional who works closely with the companies with a mandate to promote their goods and services.

The sales agent: this is who he is

A sales agent is a sales professional who makes communicability, relationships with people, but also seriousness, professionalism and continuity his or her strong points. Last but not least, the sales agent must know how the free market works, comply with the relevant regulations and keep up to date with the latest news in the field. Usually a good sales agent must be willing to travel a lot, resist stress and have good computer skills. Usually a sales agent can be paid with a fixed fee (“fixed monthly”), to which is added a share (usually expressed as a percentage) closely linked to the sales made. This is a self-employed figure. Not only: the professional figure of a sales agent is defined by the laws of the Italian State in a very simplified way, making it easier for the company to establish working relationships. This, but not only, makes the figure of a sales agent much sought after on the labour market in Italy. This is why the search for sales agents is not at all easy.

What does a sales agent do?

The sales agent is hired by companies through a multi-firm or single-firm mandate and is generally responsible for finding new customers and proposing the sale of services or consumer goods of the company. The sale of the goods or services concluded by the sales agent can be either retail or wholesale.

What are the advantages that a sales agent can bring to the company?

Nowadays, companies that base their sales force on an extensive national network of sales agents can achieve various useful results. First of all an excellent distribution of the service/product in the chosen territory, a high representation of the brand, as well as a deep market penetration in the area. Thanks to sales agents it is possible to increase sales and the company’s presence in the area. The search and selection of new sales agents can be the means to obtain a structured sales network.

Single or multi-firm sales agents?

The difference between single and multi-firm agents is very simple. Single-firm agents only promote one company. For this reason they are often considered as a kind of territorial extension of the company itself: figures close to those of the employees. On the other hand, multi-firm agents have the power to promote several companies at the same time, such as self-employed commercial entrepreneurs.

How to find a good salesperson?

Finding a good sales agent is not at all as simple as you might think. In order to find the best sales profiles you need to have an extensive database of qualified salespeople and work in a structured way. Once we have identified the ideal type of agent for the cause, we publish agent search ads on the web and consult an extensive database with over 200,000 profiles in parallel. In this way, we are able to select a more or less wide range of candidates. Then we interview possible candidates, so that we can make an additional selection to identify only those who really meet the specific requirements. By publishing the ads on the web, a network with over 30 Job Boards is used. The dense network of search agents is made up of the main Italian job boards suitable for the purpose, thus offering a visibility that exceeds 500,000 daily visitors. From the database, instead, profiles are extracted by entering the search requirements. From both commercial agents search methods, a single list of the best candidates to whom specific mandates can be sent is created.

Interviews of suitable candidates are conducted to analyse their experience and work background to ensure that they can actually carry out the job. In addition, the interview is useful to verify their interest in a specific job offer. During the interview, their job characteristics are confirmed and key points are clarified, such as the target clientele, their experience in selling specific products or services, as well as the precise way in which they are recruited. Particular attention is paid to the sales results achieved during the career.

Only after the preliminary interviews have been completed do we send the company a list of the best salespeople available. The company concerned can then choose independently the profiles to contact in order to entrust them with the job. Without having both tools to search for agents, it is difficult to find the best professionals. The number of CVs that can be consulted will, in this case, remain limited.

In our database there are more than 200,000 sales agents throughout the country, divided according to their specific sales skills. For this reason, you will be able to operate in various market sectors, including agriculture/zootechnics, food, clothing or furniture, in the automobile and transport sector, printing or paper, chemistry and plastic materials, but also ecology, construction, energy, electronics, finance, information technology, industry, telecommunications, medicine and health, mechanics, advertising and promotional activities, sports, services, aesthetics, hobbies and many others.

Database for sales agents search

Using the extensive database of sales agents operating throughout the country, you can access real curriculum vitae to carry out a targeted commercial agent search. Not just any list of names, but real data relating to the work experience of specialists in the field. Anyone wishing to hire sales agents can contact us at or request a free and non-binding quote by filling out the request form.

Tips for effective research:

The recruitment of the Sales Manager

The recruitment of the Sales Manager

The Sales Director has a role of great responsibility, whose main task is to ensure the achievement of the sales budgets planned and agreed with top management. He is a key figure in all companies, but he plays a decisive role in those organisations that are more market-oriented, i.e. that do not only focus on product quality to develop sales, but also on a series of well-defined sales policies and structured and consolidated marketing strategies.

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