The process of search and selection of qualified personnel

The process of search and selection of qualified personnel

Before proceeding with the search and selection of qualified personnel, one must define one’s research needs very clearly. This can be done by filling in a Job Description.

The compilation of a Job Description facilitates the entire search process as it defines its objectives. Moreover, from the information contained in a Job Description, it is possible to write a clear and exhaustive job description.

The search and selection of qualified personnel is a strategic and fundamental process for the growth and development of any company.

It usually consists of the following steps:

  • identification of the need/need for research;
  • preparation and publication of job advertisements for qualified personnel;
  • consultation of specific databases;
  • screening of applications;
  • evaluation and selection of applications;
  • orientation and placement of staff.

Publication of job vacancies

The choice of publication channels and the quality of job advertisements are fundamental in the search for qualified personnel. Job advertisements should be designed to attract a fair number of applications. It is possible that a job advertisement is written disregarding some basic copywriting rules and therefore attracts a small number of applications despite the quality of the job offer. In other cases, applications may be insufficient, especially if the job offer is not competitive.

It is possible to publish search advertisements using different media: print media, job posting portals, etc. The choice of the most appropriate search channel is an element to be considered and evaluated according to the Job Description and available advertising funds.

It is up to us to use multiple search channels at the same time in order to get as many applications as possible. We generally publish search ads on the web and/or in print, consult proprietary databases and use digital marketing techniques.

In a job advertisement for the search of qualified personnel it is at least necessary to specify the type of formal education required, the skills and experience that are necessary and indispensable to fulfil the assigned role.

Screening, evaluation and selection of applications

The screening phase of the applications aims to screen the candidates who have the best potential in relation to the research requirements defined in the Job Description. Several companies conduct the screening phase through one or more individual interviews, but additional tools can also be used.

Careless and hasty choices in relation to candidates may later turn out to be wrong, even if the initial credentials are fully in line with your expectations.

Orientation and placement of staff

This is a very delicate phase, which may also affect the choice of candidate. The orientation and insertion phases should be accompanied by appropriate training courses, to facilitate the candidate’s entry into the company, making him/her autonomous and operational in the shortest possible time. The methodologies used by a company to train, manage and motivate its employees can have a very positive effect on staff performance. The processes for finding qualified personnel best suited to the company should be structured taking into account the quality and effectiveness of the training, management and motivation methods used for staff.

Tips for effective research:

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