Managerial profiles

What we do

The purpose of a head hunter is not only to search and select qualified managerial profiles that match the research requirements defined by the client, but also to identify candidates who are able to fit into a specific company context, thanks to their background, experience gained in previous work and relevant achievements.


Over the years we have been in business we have developed wide networks of relationships and contacts that are necessary to track down qualified managerial profiles (of managers and senior managers) in strategic positions of responsibility and authority.

Qualified Personnel

Digital recruitment

We have developed a modern recruitment process, using the best information technologies applied to the HR world. This allows us to: 1) use the communicative power of the internet to get in touch with a multitude of candidates, 2) analyse our own CV databases in order to extrapolate relevant candidates, 3) reduce the time normally required to screen profiles for suitability for client requirements.


There are several advantages to using the services of a recruitment agency, including:

  • access to databases of qualified profiles catalogued by role and experience;
  • reduction of the time normally required to select a shortlist of the right profiles sought;
  • use of objective evaluation criteria in the search and selection of personnel.

Commercial Profiles

Database of salespeople and other professionals

Over the years we have built up a database of sales agents, sellers and commercial profiles operating in different market sectors. It is not just a list of names, but a bank of real CVs that we receive through spontaneous applications and responses to research ads.

Why choose us?

Our client turn to us and use ourservices in the long term because:

  • we provide a profile database of sales and commercial professionals in their sector with experience they need;
  • we are recruiters specialised in the selection of sales agents and commercial profiles;
  • we offer to replace candidates if the agreed probationary period is interrupted.