Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

The driving force of a company has always been its human resources capital. Talent, autonomy, strategic vision are all qualities that every company wants and that are a source of great added value for the achievement of corporate objectives. In order to attract from the outside through a targeted search for qualified personnel in line with these characteristics and to retain those already present within the organization, companies must and can exploit the potential of the web and the network to increase their image and appeal. All actions aimed at this purpose fall within a strategy defined as Employer Branding.

What it is and how it works

Employer branding is defined as the strategy that allows a company to increase and strengthen, in line with its own values, its image and appeal on the job market in order to attract and retain the most talented resources in the recruitment of qualified personnel, thus wresting them away from direct competition. Just as it happens in the purchase of consumer goods, where the brand often conveys value aspects of relevance and distinction by directing the consumer’s choice, so employer branding follows the same logic to direct the choice of the talented workforce towards the workplace. In fact, it is considered to all intents and purposes a real marketing strategy: as such, the strategic vision should not only be considered for the purposes of a specific search for qualified personnel, on the contrary, quite the opposite. It is to all intents and purposes a useful tool to increase the company’s image tout court in support of the broader brand management policies.

Communication synergies

The retention and engagement actions aimed at maintaining the company’s talented human resources, defined as internal employer branding, together with attraction and recruiting advertising campaigns for the search for qualified personnel, with the aim of attracting the most interesting talents from the outside, are the two macro areas underlying the employer branding strategy. Using these two forms of marketing you will have the opportunity to exploit the enormous communicative potential in order to transmit more strongly the image and perception in the global market. The strategy as a brand communication must be developed consistently with the company’s brand identity, thus acting as a sounding board with an ambivalent advantage: an employer branding strategy integrated and in line with the company’s brand strategy will not only be a tool of appeal and attraction in the search for qualified personnel looking for work, but will also increase the brand’s overall vision in a virtuous circle with extreme development possibilities.

Personnel recruitment and employer branding: the tools and potential solutions

In order to address with strength and precision the strategic communication message of employer branding, there are employment agencies that, thanks to the know-how gathered in years of experience, are able to identify the best solutions according to the target and how to exit the market in the search for qualified personnel that the company deems appropriate. There are several methods that help to increase the company’s appeal in terms of employer branding: first of all, online advertising on recruiting and sector sites with the creation, for example, of a real advertising campaign and an ad hoc company page in which to report the company’s mission, values and shared objectives that identify the internal guidelines in greater detail. Not only: the exploitation of social networks or the participation and sponsorship of job career sessions can be a support to the targeted and successful activity for the search of talented qualified personnel.

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