The search for personnel to invest in talent and expertise

The search for personnel to invest in talent and expertise

Who are the head hunters and what do they do?

Head hunting consists of searching for personnel in the job market that are compatible with the needs of the client. It is considered a valuable consultancy activity by their management and is aimed at solving a specific requirement of the client.

Head hunters are so named because, within their specific market segments, they have a network of relationships that are essential for identifying highly qualified managerial profiles and contacting those individuals.

The search and selection of high-level management profiles is called an “executive search” or “head hunting”.

The search for personnel through head hunters

Head hunting is the best way to recruit highly skilled managers who are usually already employed and not necessarily looking for a new job.

The head hunter approach is very structured as it proceeds in distinct stages. The initial phase involves a targeted search for personnel in a specific area through consultation with the head hunter’s network of contacts. Usually, they search for potential candidates who already perform a specific job and meet the client’s professional requirements. After finding sufficient information to create a shortlist of candidates, they move on to directly contacting them. Subsequently, the head hunter will draw up a list of the best professionals for the client to consider. Companies that use a head hunter as an intermediate choose, in this way, to rely on a professional figure who has a thorough knowledge of the market segment in which they operate.

The search for personnel with the support of a head hunter represents an effective recruitment solution for companies, introducing them to referenced candidates who are really interested in the position. The head hunter is also entrusted with the task of assisting the client in the delicate stage of negotiation of the conditions of employment once the ideal candidate has been chosen.

The search for personnel is, therefore, an activity of considerable importance as the client has the justifiable expectation of recruiting qualified managerial staff who can immediately bring added value. The head hunter operates with the complete support of the client’s personnel team. Thus, maximum benefit is derived from connecting and matching the technical-professional skills of the candidates with the characteristics of the sector in which they are to be placed.

The significance of relationships in the search for personnel

The work of a good head hunter is, therefore, rich in human capital, which is the result of cultivating various contacts. This is intelligently intertwined with the expectations of the various types of clients. The success in the search for personnel is thus combined with the efficiency of a fast service that is well-aligned to the situational needs of the client. This translates into cost savings as well as time savings, which are fundamental and critical aspects of every business.

Tips for effective research:

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

The driving force of a company has always been its human resources capital. Talent, autonomy, strategic vision are all qualities that every company wants and that are a source of great added value for the achievement of corporate objectives. To attract from the outside through a targeted search for qualified personnel in line with these characteristics and to retain those already present within the structure, companies must and can exploit the potential of the web and the network to increase their image and appeal.

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