Sales agents database

Sales agents database

How we select sales agents

To search and select sales agents is not enough to have a database of qualified salespeople; and without it it it is very difficult, if not impossible, to succeed. It is also necessary to adopt a structured and consolidated working method. Usually, before proceeding with the selection of sales agents, we support our customers in the drafting of a specific Job Description, which aims to accurately outline the characteristics of the sales profile sought. This is not a canonical Job Description, but a data collection model that we have perfected over time and that allows us to profile the characteristics of the sales profile that we want to select with precision.

After identifying the type of profile to be selected (see previous paragraph), we search for sales agents using two different tools that we tend to use in parallel: a) publication of search ads on the web; b) consultation of a database of sales agents (over 200,000 profiles). Using these two tools we identify a shortlist of candidates to interview with the aim of selecting those who meet the professional requirements outlined in the Job Description.

Regarding the publication of search ads on the web, we use a network of more than 30 selected job boards and vertical searches, consisting of the main Italian job advertising sites, which offers a visibility of more than 500,000 visitors per day.

Regarding the consultation of the database of sales agents, we directly extract profiles in line with the search requirements. We use both tools (ads and database) with the aim of creating a single pool of applications from both the ads channel and the database, in order to build a core of sales profiles to contact and to propose specific mandates.

Then we interview the core of identified candidates (see previous paragraph) with the aim of: a) analysing the candidate’s experience and sales background; b) verifying interest in a specific company and/or job offer. With regard to point a), we interview sales agents to ascertain their characteristics, such as: target of managed clients; experience in selling specific products/services; customer procurement methods; main sales results achieved, etc.

Once the previous selection phase has been completed, we propose the chosen salespeople to the company that commissioned us to search and select them.

More than 200,000 CVs of sales agents

Access to databases of sales agents is indispensable for managing research projects and selection of sales profiles. Without having a database of salespeople, it is difficult to access enough CVs to be able to select qualified candidates.

We use a database of more than 200,000 CVs of sales agents with sector-specific sales competencies, which consists of operational profiles in many different market sectors:

  • agriculture and animal husbandry;
  • food industry;
  • clothing and fashion;
  • furnishing;
  • automobiles;
  • transport and packaging;
  • paper and printing;
  • chemicals, rubber and plastics;
  • culture, art and publishing;
  • ecology;
  • construction;
  • electronics and electrical engineering;
  • energy;
  • finance, credit and insurance;
  • industry;
  • IT and telecommunications;
  • mechanics;
  • medicine, health, aesthetics;
  • watches, jewellery and gifts;
  • advertising and communication;
  • services;
  • sport and leisure;
  • more.

Database of sales agents

We use a database of sales agents operating in different areas. This is not simply a list of names, but real CVs.

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