Search for qualified personnel in the area of business profiles

Search for qualified personnel in the area of business profiles

One of the strategies that a company can implement to build a successful sales network is to keep constantly active a channel dedicated to the search for qualified personnel and business profiles, such as valid sales agents and sellers. This strategy can also be implemented when it is not necessary to search and select new sales profiles in order to avoid weakening the sales network due to turn-over phenomena.

Turnover within a sales network can weaken its effectiveness quickly, which is why it is important to constantly introduce new high-potential salespeople and also to adopt tools and methods that aim to maintain a high level of motivation and satisfaction of sales staff.

Here are some tips that can be implemented to maintain a high level of motivation within a sales network.

High level commercial and technical training

When looking for qualified personnel, as in the case of sales agents and salespeople, it is essential to understand that the sales profiles just entered into a sales network want to feel competent as quickly as possible. There are several companies that do not provide their sales network with precisely coded sales methods.

Companies that adopt weak training programs do not realize that they show little care and little interest in their sales network. The first thing that many sellers require, as soon as they join a sales network, is to receive the necessary know-how to quickly acquire high-level commercial and technical skills. A good sales manual could serve this purpose. A new salesperson could be supported by a tutor, who does not necessarily have hierarchical responsibility, who will teach him/her the necessary sales skills and the most important “secrets” of the trade. The role of tutor could be assigned to the best performing sellers who find teaching enjoyable. The secrets of sales are learned through study, practice and coaching by the best trainers and tutors. If you want to increase the number of salespeople in your sales network by finding qualified personnel, you should ask yourself how they will be made competent and performing in the shortest possible time. Have successful methods been developed to do this?

Check-list of sales functions

Such a check-list would allow the regular review of the sales skills acquired and the results obtained. It would include the weaknesses found and the necessary corrective actions to be taken. This tool could be used by the function in charge of managing or training the sales network, or by an internal or external tutor, in order to rapidly improve the performance of newly recruited sales agents. Newly recruited sales agents within a new organisation may need a great deal of care and attention before obtaining discreet and continuous results. What effect does lack of care and attention have on us?

Information conveyed in the search and selection interviews of qualified personnel

This aspect, if poorly managed, can generate undesirable turn-over phenomena. Therefore, complete and clear Job Descriptions should be drawn up to avoid generating implausible expectations about future promotions or career advancements. During selection interviews it is also necessary to specify the less rosy aspects of the job position offered. It is important to provide candidates with a clear representation of the day-to-day working reality and the working environment. When searching for qualified staff and business profiles, clear and comprehensive job descriptions should be drawn up (click here for more information). Investments in the search for qualified personnel can be frustrated by the provision of incomplete or general information.

Degree of attention

One factor that can generate excessive turnover is the lack of satisfaction with salespeople expectations. Another equally important factor is the lack of attention. Newly placed sellers in a sales organization need a lot of care and attention through comprehensive training programs, tutoring and coaching programs, regular meetings and gatherings, team building programs, simple phone calls to take stock of the situation and provide the necessary support, etc. This is why the level of motivation within a sales network should be measured at regular intervals with the aim of identifying the factors that generate dissatisfaction and then remedying them.

There are also other factors that can generate an excessive turnover of sales staff.

  1. Weak leadership (inability to manage or motivate staff).
  2. Lack of team spirit. Presence of conflict or lack of cooperation and commitment.
  3. Inadequate marketing and sales tools such as brochures, CRM, visual sales support, lead generation tools, etc.
  4. Lack of communication and appreciation.

In the search for qualified personnel we have found that in some market sectors sellers agree to continue the selection process only after having analysed the factors specified in point 3. above.


Surely there are also other factors that can generate dissatisfaction with a job, but we advise those who need to add new sellers to create the conditions to avoid excessive turnover. By keeping constantly open a channel dedicated to the search for qualified personnel, as in the case of valid commercial profiles, it is possible to increase the number of a sales network.

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