Search for sales agents and salespeople

Search for sales agents and salespeople

The search for new sales agents and salespeople can be entrusted to specialised recruitment companies. It is important to remember that the only companies authorised to carry out personnel search and selection activities are the agencies accredited by the Ministry of Labour.

Companies that collaborate with personnel selection companies to search for commercial agents and salespeople should provide the agency in charge of the project with a Job Description related to the type of profile searched. To understand what a Job Description is, please consult this article.

In addition to the information usually contained in a Job Description, you should provide the agency in charge of the search and selection of commercial agents and salespeople with additional information, such as the information listed below. The list is not necessarily complete.

  1. Type of seller sought (e.g. single agent, promoter, account manager, commercial employee, etc.).
  2. Type and size of customer portfolio managed by the seller.
  3. Characteristics and strengths of the products/services marketed.
  4. Differentiation characteristics of the products/services marketed.
  5. Type and characteristics of target markets.
  6. Methods of territory prospecting, contact and sales.
  7. Type of marketing supports made available to the sales force (lead generation, call-center appointments, …).
  8. Methods of management, motivation and training of the sales force currently in place.
  9. Type and value of the customer portfolio provided to sellers.
  10. Content of the economic offer.

Search and selection of sales agents and salespeople

In the following paragraphs we explain why it is important to provide a recruitment company with at least the categories of information listed above.

Type of salesperson sought: provides the recruitment company with very specific information about the type of profile to be sought.

Type and size of customer portfolio managed: a recruitment and selection company needs to understand what type of customer portfolio a salesperson should manage in order to better meet the needs of those to be employed in the future.

Products and services marketed: before accepting a sales assignment, sales agents and salespeople want to feel convinced about the business opportunities offered by a particular product or service. This is why it is important to provide a search and selection company with comprehensive information on points 3) and 4).

Target markets: salespeople and sales agents who are placed within a specific sales channel and who have a portfolio of customers with certain characteristics can be better facilitated in their tasks.

Marketing support provided: it is important to understand what services and support tools are normally made available to sellers by companies operating in a given sector. A salesperson usually prefers to collaborate with a company that provides valuable marketing support, such as modern lead generation tools, or call-center support for making appointments, etc. This does not necessarily mean that you need to adapt to what your competitors provide to their sales agents in order to support them.

Management methods: those who are looking for sales agents need to understand what methods are used to manage, train and motivate sales staff. This information is considered very carefully by a salesperson. For example, the lack of good training and on-the-job coaching methods may jeopardize the success of new salespeople.

Job offer: there are companies that provide their sales agents/salespeople with a customer portfolio that allows for a valuable initial remuneration. In some sectors it is possible and convenient to do so. The quality of the job offer can influence the choice of a salesperson regarding the acceptance of a certain job.

When searching for sales agents and salespeople, very precise information about the above points must be defined. The aim is to provide the person who is to carry out the search with a complete information package.

Tips for effective research:

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