How to fill out a job description?

How to fill out a job description?

When dealing with recruitment it is essential to correctly identify the requirements of the profile to be hired; for this purpose it is desirable to use a document called “Job Description”, which serves precisely to describe the functions and characteristics of a specific job position.

The main information contained within a “Job Description” usually concerns:

  1. title and job description;
  2. main functions;
  3. objectives of the role;
  4. hierarchical position and relationship with other functions;
  5. educational qualifications and previous work experience required;
  6. required skills and qualifications;
  7. internal and external interfaces with which the chosen figure will have to relate;
  8. number and characteristics of the people directly and indirectly managed;
  9. main difficulties that the job position involves;
  10. career possibilities and methods;
  11. etc.

This information allows a Recruiter to perform the search and selection of personnel that best meets the needs of the person offering the job.

Using a recruitment company

When a company needs to use a recruitment company, it is appropriate that it documents its needs by filling a “Job Description”.

It is also important that the person filling out a “Job Description” has a complete understanding and knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a particular role. Such a document can also be drafted using the relevant keywords, so that a job advertisement published on the web can be easily traced by candidates who are looking for a specific job.

Simplified example of Job Description

In the web you can find sites that publish “Job Description” templates, such as this one (it is in English language). This site recommends to write a “Job Description” according to a template consisting of 5 sections (title of the role, purpose of the role, duties, skills and qualifications required). This is a simple and clear model, which allows you to correctly present a job offer on the market.

A “Job Description” also has other uses. For example, it allows the subjective criteria used to select staff to be reduced. It is also used in staff training. In fact, a training programme can be developed from the objectives and skills specified in the “Job Description”.

Within a “Job Description” it is also important to include a short and effective description of the company that it recruits in order to attract valid candidates.

The following is an example that can be used for the drafting of a “Job Description”. It can be noted that there is no need to go overboard in the list of functions of minor importance. A list of a few points (about ten or more) is sufficient to accurately describe the characteristics of the tasks assigned.

Example template

Company description: leading company in the sale and installation of photovoltaic systems throughout Northern Italy. The company sells its own brand products and has 5 branches operating in the territory.


Purpose of the role: to assist the General Management in carrying out its ordinary tasks.


  • Sorting mail and telephone calls addressed to General Management.
  • To attend General Management meetings and keep the minutes of the meetings.
  • To prepare monthly reports.
  • Manage the agenda, appointments and travel arrangements.


  • Using wordprocessors at excellent professional levels
  • Using spredsheets for statistical analysis and charts.

As specified at the beginning of this article, it is possible to prepare more articulated “Job Descriptions” which have the function of greatly facilitating the search for personnel.

Preparing a clear and exhaustive “Job Description” allows the search for personnel without dispersion and with very clear objectives.

Tips for effective research:

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

The driving force of a company has always been its human resources capital. Talent, autonomy, strategic vision are all qualities that every company wants and that are a source of great added value for the achievement of corporate objectives. To attract from the outside through a targeted search for qualified personnel in line with these characteristics and to retain those already present within the structure, companies must and can exploit the potential of the web and the network to increase their image and appeal.

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