Write job search ads

Write job search ads

The best candidates are usually attracted by clear and professional job advertisements.

Within a job search advertisement it is important to provide information about the company offering the job and a clear description of the role and skills required.

Sometimes recruitment companies, in order to protect the confidentiality of the project, publish job advertisements without indicating the name of the company but briefly describing its characteristics. In Italy companies are not allowed to publish job advertisements anonymously.

The following rules can be used to write an attractive search advertisement:

  1. briefly describe the characteristics of the company that is looking for personnel;
  2. if necessary, indicate in the advertisement references to the territorial extension of the recruitment company;
  3. specify the formal education and previous work experience (type and duration) which is a prerequisite;
  4. summarise the main tasks related to the job position;
  5. indicate further qualifications and requirements in the advertisement;
  6. indicate in the advertisement details of the type of contract applied and, if possible and appropriate, the value of the RAL (gross annual salary);
  7. specify the place of work.

This is not a list of points to follow when writing an advertisement, but a set of elements which, if not present, may reduce the value of the job offer in the eyes of potential candidates. The list is also not necessarily complete. It is useful to consult a Job Description before writing a job search ad.  

On this page we describe, by way of example, some of the job vacancies we have published for our clients.

Industrial Electrician with Experience

Search for qualified personnel in the design and installation of industrial electrical systems.

“We are looking for an industrial electrician with many years of experience for one of our customers. For over 3 decades the company has been involved in the design, construction and installation of industrial electrical systems, as well as telephone and data networks.

We require a high school Diploma of Electrical Technician and at least 5 years of experience in the realization of industrial electrical systems. Excellet knowledge of PC and office automation, web and e-mail software is required. Own car.
Gross annual salary to be defined according to effective skills. It is necessary willingness to travel in Italy for periods of a few days”.

Production Manager

Search for qualified personnel in the manufacturing sector, heavy mechanics.

“We are looking for a Production Manager for leading company in the production and assembly of prefabricated mechanical parts. The company operates in the heavy mechanics sector and is strongly export-oriented.

The candidate researched, who reports directly to the Managing Director, will be responsible for production planning, analysing the workloads of the various departments, planning available resources, taking “make or buy” choices. The Production Manager also has the task of managing a team of 40 people and therefore experience of at least 5 years in the same role in the mechanical / heavy carpentry sector is required.

A degree in Management Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with skills in quality control and quality assurance processes is required.

Permanent employment contract after passing the trial period.”

Laboratory Manager

Search for qualified personnel in the chemical sector.

“We are looking for a Laboratory Manager for an important chemical company operating internationally. As a Manager, in addition to specific laboratory functions, he will be responsible for the work of two other resources.

The candidate we are looking for has a degree in chemistry and is extremely competent in organic synthesis chemistry. Ideally he has 4/5 years of experience as a Laboratory Manager, but applications from recent graduates in chemistry will also be evaluated as long as they have an excellent knowledge of organic synthesis. A good knowledge of English and a willingness to make short trips are required.

Gross annual salary to be defined according to profile and experience”.

Export Manager

Search for qualified personnel in the field of design and production of safety equipment and systems.

“We are looking for a Sales Director for a historical company operating in the field of research, development and production of security equipment and systems.

The selected candidate will manage the sales force, examine sales reports by geographical area and product line in order to propose the necessary development actions and formulate sales forecasts.

The Sales Director will also be responsible for managing the directional customers and participating in national and international trade fairs.

A degree in Economics or a related qualification with excellent knowledge of English is required. Significant experience in sales / area manager and total availability to frequent foreign travel is required.

Permanent employment contract, company car, various benefits”.

Manager in retail sector

Search for qualified personnel in the retail sector.

“For a leading company operating in the large-scale retail sector, we are looking for department heads. The candidate will have to take care of the “consumer electronics” department referring to the management of the store.

The objectives assigned concern the implementation of commercial policies, the organization of departmental staff, the maintenance and increase of departmental performance and the control of warehouse inventories.

The ideal candidate has many years of valid experience in the same role. He/she is careful about the customer’s expectations, has knowledge of consumer electronics and sales techniques in the retail sector. He has experience in personnel management and motivation”.

Tips for effective research:

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

Employer branding and recruitment of qualified personnel

The driving force of a company has always been its human resources capital. Talent, autonomy, strategic vision are all qualities that every company wants and that are a source of great added value for the achievement of corporate objectives. To attract from the outside through a targeted search for qualified personnel in line with these characteristics and to retain those already present within the structure, companies must and can exploit the potential of the web and the network to increase their image and appeal.

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